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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Policy in Wonderland —Ejaz Haider

In Policy in Wonderland —Ejaz Haider does not mention two relevant issues and instead leans on Alice in Wonderland.

* The Co Chairperson of the Hand Written Will's mental duress (as attested to be his lawyers)


* the propensity of the wily un-convicted Con's shoot from the hip Mouth.

He is a walking disaster, a third rate street con who has been parachuted into the Presidency by MaiBaap because the other third rate pol was deemed too fundo.

Everyone is trying to out con the other. Luckily for them the Faujis are chasing their tails in the Frontier. Whay will happen to these bumbling cons when the Faujis turn their attention to them is anybody's guess.

Then the experts and commentators wil rue about this democratic fumble for another decade.

We never learn....


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