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Sunday, September 28, 2008

‘World safer place because of Bush’- Khalid Hasan & Maxim

I am perplexed what to make of this report by Khalid Hasan from NY.

NEW YORK: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the world is a ‘safer place’ because of President George W Bush’s leadership, adding, “It could have been much worse.”
Has the Chairperson of the Hand Written Will lost his marbles? Dubya is a lame duck President. He is the most reviled international politician in recent memory. Even in the US his ratings are at an all time low. He has caused nearly a million Muslim casualties, over 4000 US soldiers death, has nearly bankrupted his nation.

And the double whammy! Zardari also has a soft spot for the Mayor of Kabul.

Karzai went on to say, “I have faith in Zardari, and I am sure he will deliver. I am hearing good things about Gen Kayani as well. Afghanistan will do everything to give them a sense of confidence.”
Look at the way the Mayor of Kabul throws around "Afghanistan" - the US puppet does not control even Kabul suburbs.

Is this Benazir's revenge? Hum tou doobay haiN sanam tumhaiN bhee lay doobaiN gay?


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