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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unmourned and unmissed —Rafia Zakaria

Read Rafia and then forget - like we are famously prone to. It is Bibi Hawwa's Curse or Baba Adam's? And while the moderates, and liberals and secular and leftists at the least write and raise the decibel levels the greatest silence overwhelms the right of center, religious and far right parties. Or at the worst, in a predictably knee-jerk reaction they blame the west for these (local) travesties. - t


According to AF’s latest quarterly report, crimes of violence against women are at an all-time high in Pakistan. 1705 cases of violence against women were reported between April 1 and June 30 this year (as data is compiled from newspaper reports, this excludes the high number of unreported cases). 491 of these 1705 women died as a result of the violence, mostly at the hands of their husbands or other close relatives. 135 of these deaths were described as honour killings while the rest were characterised as murder. Over 356 women were abducted from their homes.

According to AF, the report signifies a rapid increase in the number of crimes against women compared to even the last quarter, January to March 2008. In that quarter, 1321 cases were reported in newspapers from around the country. Cumulatively, the numbers of female deaths is daunting: a total of 857 women have lost their lives due to violence this year and of these 225 were killed in crimes of honour.
Unmourned and unmissed —Rafia Zakaria


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