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Friday, September 26, 2008

First Palin, Then Campaign Suspension. What Now?

Slate predicts McCain's next 10 Hail Mary stunts.

1. Returns to Vietnam and jails himself.
2. Offers the post of "vice vice president" to Warren Buffett.
3. Challenges Obama to suspend campaign so they both can go and personally drill for oil offshore.
. Learns to use computer.
5. Does bombing run over Taliban-controlled tribal areas of Pakistan.
6. Offers to forgo salary, sell one house.
7. Sex-change operation.
8. Suspends campaign until Nov. 4, offers to start being president right now.
9. Sells Alaska to Russia for $700 billion.
10. Pledges to serve only one term. OK, half a term.


Blogger michaelwilson said...

Cool Article.
It really put a smile on my face!
Maybe we should put your blog into the debate!
That would change the polls for good!
Do you follow the polls as closely as the next guy?

I use a widget to keep track of the progression of polls. The widget shows the election polls by strength of states.
In addition to other different graphical visualizations of data, this one displays the progression of votes over time.
Hereby you can see how/if the states have moved!

It gives a great overview and it is updated as the polls come in!

... and its easy to put on your blog and fits in your sidebar!

Thanks for at great article!

Make a difference, keep on voting!

September 26, 2008 7:28 AM  

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