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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Freedom of Information Act 2002

In the interest of public service, the Freedom of Informatin Act 2002 should be given more teeth. Google and see how citizen groups are using it as a tool to keep the politicians and public servants in check in India, even though that Act is also far from perfect.

I was remined of this when I read this: Law ministry protecting Musharraf’s legal extravagance by Ansar Abbasi:

The PPP-led law ministry has refused to provide details of billions of rupees paid by the military regime of President Musharraf to favourite high-priced lawyers who represented the regime, arguing that the information would open a Pandora’s box.

The intent behind the Freedom of Information legislation is to keep the civil servants and the politicians honest.

If even some of the newly elected parliamentarians had sense (and spine) they could inititate a private member's bill or amendment enhancing and empowering this almost dormant piece of legislation.


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