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Friday, May 23, 2008

Goldy's interview with PTI: I, Me, Mine....

Asked if he saw economics as being the driving force in bilateral relations, Zardari replied, "Yes, I can't afford 180 million people with the poverty level today, but I have got water, millions of acres of virgin lands´┐Ż I can feed India and the world." "On the border with India, I have got gas and oil. I can convert all that into product and market it to myself and to India. Then, I have a 1,100-mile coastline, which is virgin," the PPP chief said. "You can't expand Kolkata port. With today's technology, I can make 20 deep sea ports and an economic zone in Gwadar. I can have high speed cargo trains, have a 17-18 hour turnaround period from your railway lines and the products will be available to you. You cannot put up gas containers on Mumbai beach, but I can put up (on the Pakistani coastline) any number of gas containers (and acquire gas from) all sorts of friendly Muslim countries where I, the PPP and the government of Pakistan have influence. And we dovetail it, we create economic zones owned by the people," Zardari said. "All I need is a system where I can work and I cannot work if there is an impasse between the constitution, between myself and the president. I'd rather go now than take all the difficult decisions and go after 15 months or two years." Replying to a question if he expected progress on such issues when the two countries have been unable to resolve a host of trade-related matters, he said: "Talk to me next year, either I am here in power and we will talk about the progress that I have made or I won't be here -- one of the two."

'I dream about Pak being India's force multiplier'


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