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Friday, May 23, 2008

Baithak Desi May22: Do these billionaires care? Taliban Regroup, PCB Rejoinder, Headlines, Cartoons

All these speculations about introducing the Constitutional Amendment are fig leaf to cover the new parliamentarians' ineptitude and procrastination in the face of serious issues facing the nation. And this is also oneupmanship between the major power brokers.

Elder Sharif sees Musharraf as his nemesis and finds his hands in every issue, even where moon don't shine. He wants to finesse Zardari by insisting on Chaudhry's reinstatement, killing NRO and Musharraf with one stroke.

Zardari wants to out-Machiavelli the Sharipovs by this hail mary Amendment. Goldy knows that the chances of PPP initiated Constitutional Amendment is likely to flounder on the Rock of Numbers. It is calculated to fail because he has emptied the kitchen sink into it. But in his mind he thinks he will win even if he fails this time, using the various clauses as a springboard for the next round of elections. Using the catch-all-fix-all aspects of this CA he hopes to consolidate and broaden his base, at Sharipov's expense.

Musharraf is fanning fires where he can and bidding his time. Meanwhile, people kill in hunger. Do these billionaires care?


What gullible idiots - the militants are not interested in peace. Don't these people ever learn? The militants toy with the GoP, buys time to regroup, then resume militancy. Swat Taliban ‘renounce militancy’: Peace pact signed with Fazlullah’s men

Quoting the CoD, the PPP leader said the document says: "The recommendations for appointment of judges to superior judiciary shall be formulated through a commission, which shall comprise the Supreme Court chief justice, who has never previously taken oath under the PCO. Its members will be the chief justices of the provincial high courts who have not taken oath under the PCO, failing which the senior-most judge of that high court who has not taken oath shall be the member." No sitting or deposed judge can qualify under CoD

Dr Nasim Ashraf, who is chairman of the NCHD and the founding director of the PHDF/NCHD, has personally contributed nearly Rs10 million to the fund since its inception. He has worked in an honorary capacity drawing no salary either from the NCHD/PHDF for the last seven years and from the PCB for the last two years. Dr Ashraf in fact has been reimbursing the NCHD even for the personal use of a car and home telephone even though he is authorized all of these in his capacity as chairman with the rank of minister of state. So far, records prove that Dr Ashraf paid to the NCHD Rs997,774 from 2003 to 2007 for the above. The facts only, please – PCB's rejoinder Masood Hasan's columns in The News of May 18 and 19


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