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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baithak Desi May 26: A misleading poll? Hamid Mir reporting and telling, ALL PCO udges, Can't have it both ways, Nawaz laid bare, Headlines and more

The following story - ‘Majority of Pakistanis hail performance of Gilani as PM’ - made me shake my head in amazement. Unless you are a partisan, all independent observers and friends agree that things have deteriorated to date - and that includes not only the caretaker's government but also that of the elected coalition. There is no crisis management - rising wheat prices, milk, electricity, petrol, water - you name it - except for "announcements" and "declarations" - nothing has altered the ground reality for the teeming masses. And to add insult to injury - there is an increase in suicides and vigilante actions by the public. And all this while the coalition governing is ostensibly obsessed with the judiciary. And one wonders how Gallup Pakistan framed their questions in the survey to elicit the following results?

The fieldwork for the survey, according to the NGO, was carried out from May 19-20, 2008, while 1,595 men and women from all the four provinces were interviewed with proper representation from rural and urban areas. "Around 38 percent gave favourable ratings to the prime minister's performance, 41 termed the performance as tolerable, 20 percent gave unfavourable ratings while 2 percent did not give a response," says the survey. The survey said that the people mostly hoped that the deposed judges would be reinstated by the ruling coalition despite the fact that there were conspicuous differences between the component parties over the issue. ‘Majority of Pakistanis hail performance of Gilani as PM’

A concerted effort is being made by the Bush administration to persuade PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari to meet President Pervez Musharraf and develop a working relationship with him, but Mr Zardari has rejected the pressure saying he would meet Musharraf but ask him to resign. “Many well-wishers have suggested to me to meet Musharraf in person and discuss the political problems in detail to find some solution.” He was reluctant to explain the agenda of his proposed meeting with Musharraf but said: “I am hopeful that the outcome of my meeting with Musharraf will not disappoint the people of Pakistan.” Hamid Mir's spin. And in Urdu, here Hamid Mir, dons the other cap and becomes an advisor, telling Zardari to publicly meet with Musharraf and ask him to resign. The way he changes caps is amusing to note - one moment a reporter, another a talk show host, then an analyst and finally an advisor. He should be in parliament!

Addressing the All-Pakistan Lawyers Convention here early on Sunday morning, he said the PCO judges had violated the constitution and they must be punished for their wrongdoings. Sardar Akhtar quoting Iftikhar Chaudhry. [I fully agree with Iftikhar Chaudhry here - all PCO judges...t]

When he was asked if the peace agreement would deter cross-border infiltration into Afghanistan, he said: “Islam does not recognise any man-made barriers or boundaries. Jihad in Afghanistan will continue.” Baitullah Mehsud

This raises a dilemma of "sovereignty" under international law - briefly a state cannot violate the sovereignty of another state. Pakistan skates on thin ice if it allows its nationals to go and fight in another state (Afghanistan - whatever the imagined reasons - by itself or by its citizens). And, by other documented accounts also, Pakistani citizens do operate in Afghanistan. Which is why if "another" state violates Pakistan's land or air space, her protests do not have the same legitimacy and urgency. - t

In Sindh and Balochistan, the electorate had shrugged him off like a nauseatingly smelling rag, electing his PML (N) not even on a single seat in the February poll. The NWFP was a bit charitable, with the voters doling out some alms to him, but only scantily. It was only in Punjab that his PML (N) could muster up a sizeable support; but here too, it was no landslide for him; not even a majority to let him form a government of his PML (N) in the province on his own. And if after the poll he has made PML (N) a majority party in the province, it is a sheer feat of his notorious businessman’s no-holds-barred cunning. Unscrupulously has he poached on the prostrated PML (Q) rump and the wayward independents’ phalanx, buying out wholesale horses that had offered themselves for sale, with the money that he has made in mountains with means mostly foul. And yet he has the gall to flaunt imperial airs of an imperious emperor, which he is not. He is just a pretender, perfidiously laying claim to a status and an authority that do not belong to him by any means and which do not fit his head at all. Nawaz Sharif laid bare by the Frontier Post


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Does the copy editor at the Daily Times knows what 'elbow grease' means?

Elbow grease

LAHORE: A motorcyclist does a wheelie on GT Road near Singhpura. app



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