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Monday, May 26, 2008

Baithak Desi May 25: Junoon, Ghazi Salahuddin, humayun Gohar, Rehmat Shah Afridi, Khaled Ahmed, Headlines, Cartoons

Srinagar, May 24: Brushing aside the reservations to their performing live in Kashmir, Pakistani Sufi-rock band Junoon has asked separatist and militant groups to join them tomorrow in a "musical Jehad" to usher in peace and harmony in the state. The band arrived here today, set for a high-voltage show along the banks of the Dal lake including their runaway hit `Sayouni..` from the self-titled debut album which propelled them to stardom. "We will sing songs of unity, peace, brotherhood and joy, and this seems to be the perfect setting for these kind of songs," guitarist Salman Ahmad said, trying a few bluesy riffs ahead of their maiden gig. Junoon welcomes militants, separatists to `musical jehad`

Is this the beginning of the end of Pakistan People's Party? Before proceeding any further, let me confess that I find it difficult to even pose this question because of my steadfast emotional affiliation with what should be defined as the Bhutto phenomenon in Pakistan's politics. Ghazi Salahuddin

Then one ran away before Musharraf's time because of fright of the other democrat's vengeance; the vengeful democrat fooled Musharraf through some foreign leaders into pardoning him in return for certain promises that he didn't keep and which were not enforced, and ran away too. Years later, all again did deals through foreign leaders, took more pardons and returned - to resume from where they had left off? Would innocent people ever agree to a pardon? "Pardon for what?" they would naturally ask. During that "democracy decade" too they were blaming the president and the army for their failures if they were in government or begging the president to dissolve the National Assembly and the army to launch a coup if they were in opposition. Now because a retired general and former army chief is president and they have made such a song and dance about democracy. Because inept government is now causing us to slide backwards, it is, as always, blaming the presidency. They don't dare blame the army, at least not just as yet, but the time is not far off when they will start bellyaching again about the ISI as well. Humayun Gohar

Rehmat Shah Afridi released on parole
Rehmat Shah Afridi – a profile

From the reader’s point of view, it is interesting to get a peep into what is cooking in different writers’ lives and how they are relating their work to the world in a larger perspective. This new column, inkpaperthink, will create a window looking into the world of Pakistan’s writers, and the columns’ lens will deliberately aim to capture an insider’s view. We feel that our society as a whole does not have a larger sense of awareness about Pakistan’s literary force, and those who do, often dismiss it or criticize it without understanding the challenges that confront Pakistan’s writers. Yet another goal of inkpaperthink is to present writers’ perspectives on the publishing industry (local and global), as well as share insights into the opportunities and problems confronted by Pakistani writers. Ultimately, inkpaperthink is aimed at shedding new light on works in progress from a writer’s perspective and will focus on the works produced by Pakistan’s writers. Inkpaperthink will include those living in the country as well as aboard, and it will draw on writers who are producing work in all of the many languages connected to Pakistan. The column will present writers who are well-known in the field, as well as give voice to those who are upcoming. A New Column

Book review: Europe’s uneasy Muslims —by Khaled Ahmed

The Columbia World Dictionary of Islamism;

Editor Antoine Sfeir;
Translator from French;
Columbia University Press2007;
This dictionary is a French angle on the whole idea of Islamism, which is trying to not only to observe the personal rituals of Islam but to seek to impose it on others. One of the contributors is Olivier Roy, which guarantees that there will be new insights that the Americans have either ignored or don’t believe are true. The book has personal entries that you would like to know about. It has also country-wise entries, which is helpful if you know the person you want to get information on is located in a country. Because the dictionary is recent it gives you information of the new actors appearing on the horizon of jihad.


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