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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A quiz

here is a quiz:

1: identify the 'neighbor' and the 'murderer'
2: identify the paper this was published in

We have a neighbor who is a murderer. Not the criminal kind, thank God. Not a psychopath, God forbid. No, our neighbor is a religious murderer. A murderer in the name of God and for God. A murderer who wants to eradicate us and get rid of us so that we will not pollute his sacred soil with our presence. A murderer who believes that the world will be better, purer, if we are not here. A serious murderer, a murderer with values, a murderer with a mission.

Our killer-neighbor is not heartless. He is not without compassion. It would not occur to him, for example, to slaughter our children and wives. It would not occur to him to drown us all in the sea. Because of his human virtues and morals, he does not wish for each and every one of us to die a strange death. A deal with thugs By Ari Shavit


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