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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My militia is more untouchable than yours - Pepe Escobar

In a make-believe world where the green, green grass of the "surge" is alive with the sound of music, the George W Bush administration and US counterinsurgency ace General David Petraeus - not to mention presidential candidate Senator John McCain - keep assuring American public opinion the "surge" (now reconverted into a "pause") is working. But back in real life, an Iraq transfixed by no less than 28 militias is burning - again - all over, even in "invisible" (at least for Western media) places. Couple that with the relentless Bush administration narrative of "blame, blame Iran" and we have American public opinion strangled by a formidable disinformation octopus. Washington keeps spinning the success of a "war on terror" narrative in northern Iraq against "al-Qaeda". This is false. The USis basically fighting ind igenous Sunni Arab guerrilla groups - some with Islamic overtones, some neo-Ba'athists. These are no terrorists. Their agenda is unmistakable: occupation out. My militia is more untouchable than yours By Pepe Escobar


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