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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Destruction of Damaging Records calls for Suo Moto Action

I wrote the following on Sunday April 13 - Baithak Desi.

Do you know what Hussain Haqqani and Rehman Malik did the minute they became VIPs? Both the gentlemen reportedly descended on the basement of the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) in Islamabad and personally supervised the destruction of all the records dripping with evidence against them and their benefactor Zardari. They took the law of the land in their own hands. So now for Zardari to pontificate that CJP has become “political” is an oxymoron when he himself is not going strictly by the book. Anjum Niaz.

Some pressure was applied to retract the story. A denial was issued. But the News confirmed this story the next day.

I have been making inquiries about Hussain Haqqani being a neocon, or worse neoconzix. Will keep readers informed. Yesterday on one of the blogs there was a detailed article on Mr. Haqqani's links with the neo cons that am sure B-P readers must have seen.


post script for Anonymous:

Here is the link to the News confirmation of the story


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anjum Niaz is a gossip columnist with little recird of accuracy.

NAB has denied that Rehman Malik or Hussain Haqqani ever visited their premises. Read Monday's Dawn.

In any case, wouldn;t they have minions to "destory" recirds if they needed to rather than going themselves?

In this age of multiple photo copies and copied discs who can ever really destroy records?

Your readers know you hate PPP and Zardari. you were never kind to Benazir Bhutto in her life either. But try and raise the level of your criticism to a menaingful level rather than going on about a now discredited piece of gossip.

April 18, 2008 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was the alleged confirmation of the story in The News?

Please post it if it exists.

Where was the story about pressure being exerted to deny the story?

Also, I correct myself. The denial came from ministry of Interior, not NAB though it is easy for NAB to confirm the story if it is true.

As for the Neocon stuff, one blogger goes on about it but there are more than 39,000 hits about Haqqani if you google his name and there are only a handful that repeat the allegation. Most of them must come from his enemies or detractors, which is normal for someone in politics.

April 18, 2008 12:23 AM  

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