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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baithak Desi Apr 28: Zardari - Klasra, Suddle Toothless, White Lies, Headlines

PPP Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari seems to have finally started the rehearsal for the role of the prime minister of Pakistan, as he has sent a secret two-page letter to his party ministers with clear instructions on how they all should “behave and act” as ministers in the cabinet of Yousuf Raza Gilani. Subsequently, Zardari has also set up an “ethics committee” to ensure that his instructions are being implemented in letter and spirit. The committee will receive complaints against the ministers and the MPs so as to make the party workers and common people realise that they are there to serve them and should not give them any chance to feel aggrieved.Zardari said: “As a public representative whether in the Senate or the National Assembly or the provincial assemblies or as a minister, the PPP members must shun lavish lifestyles. Ostentatious display of riches must be avoided. Simplicity and modesty should be visible even by such small gestures as using smaller cars, avoiding big entourages and lavish dinners, etc. Use of public resources and facilities should only be for the purpose they are meant for and at no stage should we give an impression of the misuse of official resources.” Deliver the goods, Zardari tells ministers Rauf Klasra

“Dr Suddle’s mole network within the police, political parties, especially MQM, and elsewhere in the city has been rooted out in the years that followed his transfer after the killing of Murtaza Bhutto in September 1996 and subsequent dismissal of PPP government within next few months”, sources in Sindh law enforcement agencies also say... another serious problem that the new IGP, Sindh is facing relates to morale of the police force when it comes to working under Dr Suddle....majority of officers and disguised informers loyal to Dr Suddle have perished in recent years as either they have been assassinated in shootouts or in target killings under dismal circumstances. “There won’t be many now who would dare take this road to death keeping in view the circumstances in which our colleagues fell prey and nobody bothered”, he regretted. “MQM is much more stronger and IGP Shoaib is about to retire, thus, everyone is trying to avoid any controversy”, the grade-19 officer. Suddle may prove toothless - Assad Hameed

Word has it that the work ethic at the Punjab Secretariat has changed rather dramatically. Apparently the new Chief Secretary is an early bird who arrives at the Secretariat at 7.30 am on the dot. The Home Secretary, an even earlier bird, receives him at the gate and the round of ministries begins, ending at about 1.30pm. That does not mean that it is time to go home. It is then open kutchery till late into the evening, sometimes stretching up to 1.30am, technically the next day. No wonder the secretariat staff is nostalgic for days gone by, when a former CS breezed in at 1.30pm and breezed out a little later, to attend to more important matters, like looking after the Lahore Gymkhana Club. White Lies


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