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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baithak Desi Apr 25: Failing? Failed? On the brink? Baitullah Mahsud, Kishwar Nahid, Nadra

Pakistan is on the brink...Pakistan is on the verge...Pakistan is failing....failed...

Words used without abandon, without consideration, without reflection about a state with 160 million bodies, if not souls.

Brink of what precipice? Verge of what disaster? Failing in what? Where? Failed? Then what about some other states that I would not name here that are in worse shape....have they ceased to exist?

What word would I use (you may ask)?



For 60+ years Pakistan and Pakistanis have been coping:
- with cesarean birth under tenuous circumstances
- with deaths of guide and mentor
- with power grab by khakis in collusion with babus
- with forced dismemberment
- with corruption, greed, callousness, rights abuses
- with power usurpation
- with catastrophes - natural and self made

And with what skies delivers or earth spits the state and the nation show a resiliency. They cope.

Coping is not an ideal state for existence. In fact, this elongated coping can lead to mediocrity. Which is the real danger.

The collective strive should be focussed towards enhancing coping to another level where instead of simple ad-hoc amelioration that essays status-quo maintenance only, efforts should be elevated to long term gains for the individual citizen, province and ultimately the state.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The Pakistani government is close to an agreement with the most militant tribes in its turbulent border area, whose main leader is accused of orchestrating most of the suicide bombings of recent months and the assassination of the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. A 15- point draft of the accord, which was shown to The New York Times, called for an end to militant activity and an exchange of prisoners in return for the gradual withdrawal of the Pakistani military from part of the tribal region of South Waziristan. Even as the accord was being negotiated by the government through tribal elders, the militant leader, Baitullah Mehsud, issued orders to his fighters to cease their activities, both within the tribal regions and in the adjoining North West Frontier Province, warning of strict punishment to any violators. Pakistani Militant Halts Attacks as Talks Begin

Worth a read: Kishwar Nahid in Urdu

Why Nadra?
‘NADRA to install video surveillance system in cities’


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