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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baithak Desi Apr 18: A Quiz, Destruction or Records, UN, US Press Attache, Rauf Klasra, Muzaffar Iqbal, H Mullick, US Bribes, Naim Chishti, Zahoor M

Here is a quiz:

1: identify the 'neighbor' and the 'murderer'
2: identify the paper this was published in

We have a neighbor who is a murderer. Not the criminal kind, thank God. Not a psychopath, God forbid. No, our neighbor is a religious murderer. A murderer in the name of God and for God. A murderer who wants to eradicate us and get rid of us so that we will not pollute his sacred soil with our presence. A murderer who believes that the world will be better, purer, if we are not here. A serious murderer, a murderer with values, a murderer with a mission.

Our killer-neighbor is not heartless. He is not without compassion. It would not occur to him, for example, to slaughter our children and wives. It would not occur to him to drown us all in the sea. Because of his human virtues and morals, he does not wish for each and every one of us to die a strange death.

Destruction of Damaging Records calls for Suo Moto Action

I wrote the following on Sunday April 13 - Baithak Desi.

Do you know what Hussain Haqqani and Rehman Malik did the minute they became VIPs? Both the gentlemen reportedly descended on the basement of the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) in Islamabad and personally supervised the destruction of all the records dripping with evidence against them and their benefactor Zardari. They took the law of the land in their own hands. So now for Zardari to pontificate that CJP has become “political” is an oxymoron when he himself is not going strictly by the book. Anjum Niaz.

Some pressure was applied to retract the story. A denial was issued by Dawn . But the News confirmed this story the next day. Here is the link to the News confirmation of the story

I have been making enquiries about Hussain Haqqani being a neocon, or worse neoconzix. Will keep readers informed. Yesterday on one of the blogs there was a detailed article on Mr. Haqqani's links with the neo cons that am sure Blogger Pakistan readers must have seen in an article by Moin Ansari - Husain Haqqani:-Dangerous 5th Column or Selfish opportunist?

Kilian Kleinschmidt, UNHCR assistant representative in Pakistan, told the Associated Press news agency the plan was unworkable and could backfire. Pakistan said it still hopes most of the refugees will return by the end of next year. It says Taleban militants blamed for attacks often shelter in refugee camps. The UNHCR has already agreed to Pakistan's plan to shut down four camps that Islamabad says pose a security threat. Many of the refugees fled during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s. Most live in towns or cities, rather than camps. UN warns Pakistan on refugee plan

LAHORE: US press attaché in embassy in Pakistan Elizabeth Carlton said the most important duty of the media is to broadcast the true news stories in accordance with the public benefit.

Addressing a seminar at the topic of “Media Coverage in Emergency Situation” held with collaboration of Lahore Press Club and US Consulate, she said it happens several times in the emergency situation when the media persons finds it difficult to decide what to show on media and what not. Like Faux News or the White House Press Briefings on WMD?

ISLAMABAD: It took only two weeks for the new prime minister to forget his promise made with the people of Pakistan and his fellow parliamentarians on the floor of the house to personally attend the question hour. The prime minister came to the house only when the question hour was over and the general debate on some other issues was in progress. No one might have noticed the absence of the prime minister, as in the past no prime minister bothered to attend the question hour. But, then, Gilani himself volunteered to sit during the question hour! Trust Rauf Klasra to Stay on Top

The fury caused by Williams and Feldman will soon die down, but the larger question will remain: Will the intellectual representatives of contemporary Western civilisation and religions ever get it right? Will they ever show any respect to the beliefs of one-fourth of humanity? Fury over sharia - Dr Muzaffar Iqbal

Dr. Sahib writes on Islamic subjects in his column every Friday. I would suggest he should come down from the clouds and address the abuses such a the recent stoning to death in FATA, the karo kari deaths, the suicide bombings - perhaps these 'mundane' affairs affect us more than the lofty and esoteric debates over sharia and interpretations?

After almost four years of silence, Khan is speaking audaciously about his innocence, claiming he took one for the team to save the entire nation. There is plenty of evidence of Khan's mischief and most Pakistani citizens buy the old military government's charges against Khan but not the notion that he acted alone. Pakistanis are suspicious of their rulers; why trust a government known to be a lackey of the US, desperate for a scapegoat when the nuclear proliferation scandal first broke, undemocratically installed and increasingly hawkish toward dissent? A Q Khan and democracy - Haider Mullick

Am not singling out Mr. Mullick, but have you noticed that the real reason why no action is taken is because the Army is in cahoots in this business. And nobody is strong enough to say this openly - neither the new government nor the media!

US to curb drone attacks on Pak soil --- Read this carefully - the uniform is shed , the general is a weakling now, the PPP coalition is in power and THEY have agreed to this. SO - does anything change? Yes, the money will be channeled through the civilians - fine - but would the US withdraw? Will their insistence to fight their war on our land and with our people change? You tell me!

More shocking and shaking news, however, is that according to our Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s statement almost one third of our population is living below the poverty line in our holy land. The World Food Programme’s recent report however put these figures at 77 million which is almost fifty percent of 160 million population of Pakistan. In other words, every second Pakistani is a potential suicider. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani faces a gigantic task of converting all these suiciders into a nation-building force. Unless he creates a dedicated and committed team comprising of non-bureaucrats to meet this challenge he will not be able to stop the flood of suiciders which may destroy our society sooner than later. The time that he has got is too little and the challenges he faces are too many. By the way, did the ‘abnormal’ Prime Minister, who claims to read a dozen newspapers everyday, read my ‘Open Letter’ addressed to him that was published in the Frontier Post on Monday April 14, 2008? If he did read it, why Rehmat Shah Afridi is still perishing in prison and why…? - Dr Naeem Chishti



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