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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baithak Desi Apr 16: Sahar Ali, Nasim Zehra, Irshad Haqqani, Niilofer Farrukh, Haider Mehdi

Two years on, I'm happy to report that hope has sprung eternal! Another ringing of bells happened two weeks ago to give me hope anew that I shouldn't lose hope – not just yet. This pealing of bells happened on a recording of a TV chat show I host on a local channel. As part of an episode about twins, the learned and experienced gynaecologist explained some basic female biology. It appears that our eggs – the ones that when fertilized by sperm produce an embryo that eventually develops into a cuddly creature that brings us gurgling laughter and smelly poop by equal measure – are made when we are in our mothers' wombs. These eggs are at their prime when we are between the ages of 25 and 35. This is the ideal reproductive age of a woman when she is at her fertile best. But like all products, the eggs have a shelf life – a 'best before' date. Which, it turns out, is 35 (surprise, surprise). The quality of the 'product' – the aforementioned eggs – begins thereafter to decline. And this qualitative downturn is one of the reasons why twin births happen. The phenomenon of identical twins (as opposed to fraternal or non-identical) occurs when the egg suddenly splits after fertilization. The splitting happens because of an inferior quality egg, said the learned gynaecologist. Hence, women over the age of 35 are far more likely to have twins. And it isn't just biology that's enabling. Science too has increased women's reproductive years through fertility treatments. Cases in point are Julia Roberts who's trying for another set of twins via in vitro fertilization and J Lo, who's also rumoured to have undergone fertility treatment for Emme and Max! - Maybe Baby - Sahar Ali

iiefore she decided to pursue her art education in the UK. The trauma of displacement made her restless. According to her, she finds it difficult to stay in one place for too long. This angst is evoked in her work as ideas are translated through material to convey anxiety and restlessness. The spirit of Jamshoro - Niilofer Farrukh

Look at the Body Language

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif exchanges views with ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan while PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari looks on during a meeting at Zardari House on Tuesday. app

In a rambling column that opens with a "unattributed quote Dr.Haider Mehdi asks:

My last question is: Why is Pakistani electronic media so elitist orientated? The same generals, the same VIPs, the same politicians, and the same judges are interviewed again and again. This is an example of an opiate mentality. Isn't it? Where are the fresh faces, the innovative ideas and the diverse platforms so cherished in a democratic set-up? What should the media do now?


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