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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Arms row over cameraman's death

A controversial weapon that fired metal darts from a tank shell killed Fadl Shanaa, a Reuters cameraman, as he was working in Gaza, doctors in the territory have said. Several of the 3cm-long darts, known as flechettes, were embedded in Shanaa's legs and chest, a medical examination showed on Thursday. The darts were also discovered in his flak jacket. The 23-year-old was killed on Wednesday along with two youths who were nearby as he covered one of the bloodiest days in Gaza for a month in which 16 other Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers died during heavy fighting.Shanaa had left the vehicle he was travelling in to film Israeli tanks when he was killed. He captured footage showing a tank firing the shell that killed him. Markings on the vehicle that Shanaa was travelling in were emblazoned with "press" and "tv" and his flak jacket was clearly marked. The Reuters news agency has called for a full inquiry by Israel's government and military authorities into the death. Targeted Killing


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