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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pakistan Elections: The Number to Watch 185

The number to watch is 185.

Any combination of parties that together achieve this magical number and Musharraf is out.

The "any" should be taken with this caveat: there are certain combinations that don't mesh. PPP + PML + Independents would work. But count out MQM and PML (F) out of this permutation.

In the interview with Jemima Khan Musharraf predicted a landslide for PML (Q).

Memory check: Three days before 2002 elections, Jemima met Musharraf and he predicted the seats very accurately then. Those elections were rigged.

If these one are rigged, then it would make for more trouble ahead. PPP nor PML (N) is in a mood to accept the occupying army's hegemony any more.

Can they mobilize the massess? That will be the key. It is worth recalling that since March 09, 2007 - nobody - the lawyers, NGOs, political parties, activist - nobody - has succeeded in bringing the masses on the streets.

The masses are the only one that can defeat the occupying army at its game. Otherwise, disturbances come and go and deals will be made in the backroom and things will contiunue as they have been in the past.


Blogger The Editors said...

The IRI has already sent a diktat that the PPP should win.

IRI was sent packing out of Pakistan and a new firm was allowed to return to Pakistan

Musharraf says the PML(Q) will win.

We posted an article from the Business Recorder..."the time has come" on

External factors have already created trouble in Baluchsitan and it is time for them to set Karachi and Sindh on fire.

Mr. Nero has already shown his colors once. Now the threats have been issued

February 17, 2008 7:05 PM  

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