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Monday, December 24, 2007

Khuda ke liye - anjum niaz

"Jab main haram ka paisa le kar, halal gosht ki dokan dhoondta houn" is the salvo actor Naseer-ud-din Shah utters in his brilliant attack against a clergy that encourages hypocrisy, cruelty, inflexibility, ignorance and mediaevalism, the hall should have stood up and given a standing ovation. But the "hall" barely had more than 50 of us watching Khuda ke Liye!

When "Fahrenheit 911" was released in America some two years ago despite the Bush administration's best efforts to terrorise cinema halls not to screen the film, American audiences went berserk. They clapped; they whistled; they cheered; and they cried. I too clapped and stood up when the movie ended. The producer, director, actor, Michael Moore became a household name overnight. His film fetched him millions. America was ablaze with anti-Bush sentiment for months. In the film, candid shots of President Bush playing the monkey while getting ready for a TV interview or his father, Bush senior, hobnobbing with the Saudis on the day of 9/11 exposed the intellectual dishonesty of the US government crying revenge on "Islamic" terrorists. The Iraq war further exacerbated the American hypocrisy by showing the world that Iraq was conquered not for WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) but for oil.

Shoaib Mansoor is a genius and Geo TV is a standard-bearer of corporate social responsibility. By producing a film like Khuda ke Liye, Geo TV has exposed the crass ignorance on both sides of the Atlantic. In Pakistan, illiterate mullahs brainwash young men to become suicide bombers in the name of Islam; in America insular intelligence agents act like dolts, untaught and misinformed about Muslims. These shallow agents treat every Muslim, particularly Pakistani, as a terrorist, as happens in the movie. The torture of film star Shan who plays the part of a talented musician in Chicago is a scene so horrific and so prolonged that it remains with one long after the movie is over.
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