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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Update from SR

On a more serious note, though, watch two indicators that will point out to what lies immediately ahead. Over the next week or two if a million people don’t take to the streets in wide spread protests, Mushy has won the gamble. (I personally think, no more than ten thousand will take to the streets, if that. Even a hundred thousand protesters will be no more than spitting in the wind.)
Also keep an eye on the stock market. If the KSE Index shoots up this week, or at least refuses to drop significantly, or, if it drops a bit and recovers sharply, that will be a vote of confidence from the capitalists and Mushy will be home free.
The chattering classes will continue to bitch and moan, the working classes will continue to toil on so they can bring home two square meals and the army will continue to obey his orders, albeit reluctantly and resentfully.
Life will go on…


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