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Sunday, October 21, 2007

NATO to battle Taliban on YouTube - Mitch Potter

Does the following remind you of the other burka-donning incident by a bearded one?

Incidentally I read yesterday his wife Umme Hafsa is insinuating that the government is either poisoning her husband or not providing effective treatment. And this is from the same news report that says that the maulana was unwell for the past four weeks and in the last two weeks his conditioned worsened with allusions to some chest infection and he was admitted to PIMS while semi-conscious. And all that time he was in a safe house and his wife who is blaming the government now was with him.

BRUSSELS–The classified video that is about to change the way NATO reveals itself to the world was aired secretly to a select group of military brass one month ago.

The clandestine clip, shot from a top-secret military platform, shows a Taliban fighter with an AK-47 over his shoulder.

Just before he rounds a corner and prepares to open fire against NATO soldiers, the man reaches into his backpack, pulls out a burqa and disappears under the head-to-foot robe, instantly transforming himself into another faceless woman in the Afghan crowd.

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