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Monday, October 15, 2007

Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up) By Cindy Sheehan

It is truly touching the way First Lady Laura Bush cares about the people of Burma and is using her officiousness (oops…I think that may be the wrong word…or is it?) to bring attention to the admittedly horrible situation there. There are very few people in the world that would not sympathize with or become outraged when monks are beaten and killed because they protested high gas prices.

Wait a minute…they were protesting high gas prices? Gas? Hmmm…what does that tell us? As Democracy Now! Host, Amy Goodman has written, Chevron is a major player in that country’s destabilization because the gas that travels in its pipeline supports the military junta. Why, when there is trouble around the world a US oil company is usually behind it? And isn’t it amazing that a former member of Chevron’s board is our Secretary of State and a former Unocal employee is now president of Afghanistan? In my opinion oil based diplomacy is centered on destruction and tyranny and nothing positive has ever come from it.

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