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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last tango in Washington -Anjum Niaz

One of the better summations of the current imbroglio I have read. With her wry sense of humour and her perception of happenings in Pakistan she repeatedly hits the nail on the head.

some examples:

* The Khalil Gibran poem at the mast

* ...what Washington wants, it gets....The State Department turned a brokerage house facilitating political deals between Bhutto and the Pakistan Army led by General Musharraf's heir-in-chief, General Kiyani.

* The last tango in Washington is over. Now the 'newly-elected' President Musharraf; Prime Minister-in-waiting Benazir Bhutto and the Army Chief-in-waiting General Kiyani have been fully "Americanized".

* The winner, that is America, takes it all!

* The Pentagon's comfort level tanked because the "smart, tough, talented -- and pro-Western" Gen Kayani was like one of the boys while at Kansas (what else could he have done amid acres of corn and mid-western sterility slapped with severe winters?) [this is a beauty - not even US based aziz mian or nayyar zaidi et al could have turned in this;)]

* Whatever America touches turns to lead. Iraq is in ruins as Americans now mull over hacking it to pieces to bring peace. Afghanistan is already a failed state. Karzai's colourful capes and hats are beginning to fade, as is his importance to the Bush administration.

* While Condi Rice will not be around to witness the annulment, her successor (God knows who) would already have opened channels of communications with General Kiyani inviting him to take over. And mind you, it will all be done in the open -- the same way they did with Musharraf and Benazir.

[click on the heading to read her column in full]


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