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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gravediggers just gold diggers in this city - Irfan Aligi

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Gravediggers just gold diggers in this city

* Did you know that the city’s 9 major graveyards have been officially closed after reaching their limit?
* Did you know that the official rate for an adult grave, all expenses included, is Rs 2,500 but that the black market rate starts at Rs 10,000? * Did you know that only 2% of gravediggers are registered with the CDGK?


Amidst the talk of deals and dialogues, threats and defiance, culture and musings on sites such as this am struck with this.

Majority of the blog writers have this minimal profile: somewhat educated, have access to internet, somewhat proficient in English

And the issues they discuss on Blogistan reflects this profile.

Probably why I have not read anyone discuss the grave shortage and how to deal with it. In a land where Qura'an, Sunnah and Hadith references are dropped frequently, this issue is shoved under the rug. No mention is made how for centuries Medinite citizens have been buried in one graveyard - Jannat ul Baqih.

May be you or I should write about this?

If the link does not work, try this:\10\13\story_13-10-2007_pg12_1


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