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Friday, October 12, 2007

Beating the Same Tabla and Still No Guiness Record In Sight

Quick quiz: MMA comprises of how many parties? And can you name them all?

And then we have PPP, PML (Alphabet soup) Poonam, ANP, Mazdoor Kissan, Ahrar, and scores of ITT (Islam This and That) parties, PTI and various other Tehreeks, fringe and special interest groups.

You have seen and read their leaders' earnest platitudes on the media circus shows of the likes of Kashif Abbasi, Talat Hussain, Javed Malik, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, PJ Mir and many other earnest and sincere sounding hosts.

The tabla these leaders beat, and the tabla the sombre sounding media analysts beat has the same beat.

tuk, dhin, dhin, dhin, tuk!
tuk, dhin, dhin, dhin, tuk! tuk, dhin, dhin, dhin, tuk!
Islam, poverty, corruption, democracy, free and fair TAT (This And That). Turn to any radio, any TV and almost any time and you will find this tabla beat being played.

They should (collectively) make it to the Guiness Book of Records. Like the other Jagjit Singh!

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After five days at drums, man beats world record -

The beat went on.

And on and on and on.

Jagjit Singh Batalvi tapped his way into the record books yesterday, fingering his tabla, an Indian percussion instrument, for a fifth straight day. Fuelled by soups, fresh fruit juices and four-minute yoga meditation sessions every 10 hours, the Brampton man now unofficially holds the Guinness World Record for the individual drumming marathon.

When Batalvi eclipsed the previous mark of 101 hours at mid-afternoon, dozens of people in a room attached to the Shiromani Sikh temple in Mississauga let out a cheer led by men in traditional dress holding ceremonial kirpans, or daggers. Outside, handfuls of yellow and saffron-coloured balloons were released into the sky.


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