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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Burma's Monks - Buddha's Warriors - Jawahara Saidullah

Jawahara is a friend of mine and she has written this heartfelt piece which has been quoted on slate also. There is an interesting comparison for us. What is happening in Burma sounds so familiar to us. Army's brutality, section 144, populace's yearning for real democracy...yet what is interesting to note is the reaction of mai-baap log.

How they treat the generals here and the generals there. ?

well, read on! -t

On the other side is the military junta that has terrorized Burma for years. There is the ban on public gatherings of more than five people. And the warnings that these protesters will be dealt with. The same way they dealt with the rebellion of 1988, when 3000 student members lost their lives to the military.

And yet Burma is marching again because it cannot do so. Will they prevail? And if they don't will it still be worth the effort? That is a question that only those 100,000 can answer.

The history of Burma and India is intertwined. As is the history of my family with Burma. And today as I hear about the monks who march despite the warnings of reprisals, these memories float past my vision.

My great-grandfather immigrated there and built a successful business. My mother was born and grew up there, though she moved to India (with her family) as a child refugee, when they caught the last boat to leave Rangoon harbor without being blown up. Burmese is the language my mom and her sisters spoke when they didn't want their kids to understand.

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