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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stumbling Toward Another War - Uri Avnery

It is President Bush, again, who is pushing Olmert in this direction. As much as he wants tension between Israel and the Syrians, he desires positive news about his "vision" of a "peace process" between Israel and the Palestinians. Let them float virtual "peace processes", discuss documents for the time the Messiah will come, smile at each other, embrace. All to prove that Bush is winning after all, his "vision" is taking shape. That is good for Bush, good for Olmert, good for Abbas.

For whom is it not good? For the Palestinians, who are collapsing under the yoke of the occupation. The misery in the Gaza Strip deepens every day, as the plan unfolds to bring about a total collapse, anarchy and the fall of Hamas. The situation of the West Bank population is not much better. The roadblocks are staying where they are, and so are the settlements and outposts. The road network "for Israelis only" is getting longer, the construction of the wall is in full swing.

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