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Saturday, September 16, 2006


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as the scent of Queen of Night*1 carried softly by the breeze
whirling, dancing, pirouetting, the discret nomad carries
his home within his heart and mind, a home that has no walls, no roof
a home that cannot be bulldozed, a roof that cannot be brought down
by any righteous tyrant

from the shores of Kanya Kumari to Thar desert across the divide
the endless dunes of Rub al-Khali, the thatched straw huts in Jaisalmer
pseudo- replica homes in Defence, the pink sands of Harbour Island
wilderness of La Romana, the volcano of St. Lucia
the nomad is at home - within, no walls, no roof - euphoria
validating, embracing long as the muscles, in trust throb

dur, na nashaimun*2, na talab oonki
shaheen*3 bhi nahiN, Khuda*4 bhi juda
kaisay mismaar hO, kaun mismaar karay
basayra junooni mun mOji ka

cascading laughters and tears, rough seas and inclement weather
broken and mended relationships, waves upon waves of sunrises
tempt him to newer frontiers long as the muscles, in trust throb

1: Cestrum nocturnum - raat ki rani
2 & 3: Iqbal's couplet-
NahiN tera nashaimun qasr e sultani kay goonmbud per
tu Shaheen hay ker basayra pahaRON ki chatanON per
4: Sunnis killing Shias...Muslims blowing up other believers/non-believers in the name of a God that is not my Merciful Allah


Blogger moizza said...

Wah.I love the nomadic thread of metaphor.

September 03, 2006 7:34 AM  

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