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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mumbai Trains Targeted: Helplines and Useful Contact Information

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In Bombay most phone lines are jammed. Getting in touch with anyone on a cell phone is close to impossible. Landlines are easier to get through. Following are some phone numbers of hospitals that the injured have been taken to. You can call these numbers for further details.

List of those injured
Western Railway Enquiry 131, (022) 2306 1763
Mumbai Helpline (022) 2200 5388
Cooper Hospital (022) 2620 7254, and 56
Bhabha Hospital - Bandra (022) 2642 2775
Hinduja Hospital (022) 2445 1515, 2445 2222
Leelavati Hospital (022) 2643 8281
Nanavati Hospital (022)
Raheja Hospital (022) 2446 7569
Sion Hospital (022) 2407 6380 / 2444 9161

To send messages on TV News Channels:

CNN IBN SMS "Mumbai" to 2622 followed by your message
Or call (0120)4341 895
Headlines Today HT Message your name to 2424
NDTV SMS message to 6388
Times Now SMS YOU Message at 8888

For Blood donation, logon to
Sion Hospital needs 1600 bottles of blood
Holy Family Hospital on Hill Road, Bandra is running a donor's clinic

It has been reported by NDTV that a series of five blasts have rocked Mumbai. Most of the blasts occurred in first class compartments of the tains full of commuters returning homes. The first one was on train between Khar and Mahim. The second blast on a train at the Mahim station. The third near Bhayandar station, the fourth at Jogeshwari and the fifth at Borivili.

There are reports of two more blasts. The sixth at Khar and the seventh one has been reported from Matunga.

The Western Lines have been closed down and the injured are being rushed to local hospitals.

Seven blasts rocked suburban trains in Mumbai on Tuesday evening, Police Commissioner A N Roy has said. The police control room has reported that 139 passengers have been killed and more than 300 injured. PTI reports that the blasts took place in a span of 30 minutes in first class compartments of suburban trains.

The chronology of the seven bomb blasts that ripped through the seven suburban trains at various stations during the peak hour on Tuesday evening is as follows:

Khar -- 1824 hrs
Bandra -- 1824 hrs
Jogeshwari -- 1825 hrs
Mahim -- 1826 hrs
Mira Road -- 1829 hrs
Matunga -- 1830 hrs
Borivali -- 1835 hrs Link

CNN reports that PM Manmohan Singh has called an emergency meeting of his ministers. Airports and other transportation hubs have been placed on high alert all over the country.

This is reminiscent of the Bombay blasts of 1993, when 13 bombs exploded all over the city claiming over 250 lives.

We will be continually updating this.

Desicritic Kim updates:

* 147 killed 439 injured
* Train services resume from
Bandra to Andheri - Harbour and
Churchgate to Bandra also
Goregaon to Borivali and
Vasai to Borivali
* Administration jammed the phone lines to prevent rumor mongers. Didn't realise they created more panic for 100 % of mobile-using Mumbai population who couldn't contact or be contacted by anyone
* All blasts in first class compartments
* Paramilitary forces deployed at major airports
* All trains from Ahmendabad to Mumbai cancelled.


Bhagwati Hospital, Borivili 24 dead 50 injured
Sion Hospital, Sion 38 dead 40 injured
VN Desai Hospital, Santa Cruz 9 dead 32 injured
KEM Hospital, Parel 18 dead 50 injured
Hinduja Hospital, Mahim 36 Injured
Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle 26 dead 25 injured
Bhabha Hospital, Bandra 22 dead 25 injured
Malika Hospital, Oshiwara 16 injured
Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle 2 Dead

For added perspective you can check out desipundit also.

thanks Aniruddha, Kim, Sujatha, Apollo and Sakhshi


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