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Friday, July 07, 2006


11am on 11/11 the armistice day for us
remembering the fallen ones
then came 9/11, 3/11 and now 7/11
7 blasts 11 minutes apart
yes sodium's atomic number is 11
the convenience store across the road
is called Seven-Eleven, borne of a time
when it opened at 7 am, closed at 11 pm
the eleventh sign of zodiac ushers
the age of aquarius (the water carrier) and
the eleventh hour, one hour to midnight
represents the last moment to act or abstain
and for some reason we have eleven players
in cricket, soccer, football, and field hockey

in the days past i used to say 'a penny for your thought'
and she'd shed the worried look, smile and come closer
with inflation first the pie disappeared, then paisa and penny
suppose now have to say 'a loonie for your thought'

a loonie is a canadian dollar coin
with eleven sides - a hendecagon
(for trivia buffs: A regular hendecagon has
internal angles of 147.272727... degrees.)

not a colloquial expression for a lunatic
which has an indo-european root in leuk
luna - lunaticus - lunatique - lunatik

even though have many a strikes against me
- wrong side of the divide, wrong religion
wrong appearance, wrong-wrong-wrong most things
will say with least hesitation, they were lunatics
any one who kills a civilian for any reason
is a lunatic, is a criminal, is a zombie


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