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Sunday, June 18, 2006

the toast is in the toaster

inside, it was dark
the clouds bore moist affection
sighs thundered
in the ultra sound range
and rayless lightening
struck intermittently

the lovers slept entwined
and dreamt of each other

in the morning she eased
out of his embrace
laid the breakfast on the table
and returned to the warm embrace
whispering 'the toast is in the toaster'

'the toast is in the toaster'
she whispered snuggling closer
he opened his eyes and
as cognition filtered in
he smiled, thankful to be alive

in the shower he hummed
the toast is in the toaster
the heart is in the chest
the ink is in the pen
the rider on the horse
stars in the sky
driver in the car
children on the bus
politician on the hustle
tea in the kettle

and as he drove
marveled at the banality
of familiar objects
people and places
that evokes certitude
and smiles


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