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Monday, May 01, 2006

gathering laughter

high noon lethargy on a quiet sunday
clothes -- an strewn sartorial necklace
all around the bed
timorous light cascading through the shades
a do-not-disturb smile on her face

torpor soaked in sluggish languor

with a heavy head and lumbering limbs
stealthily eased out of her embrace
to quench the thirst, dragged the clumsy feet
to the kitchen - glasses, dinner and
quarter plates, cups and cutlery
all over the counter, sink and table

thirst unabated, glasses galore
but nary a clean one, finally
a in a mug quenched thirst
surreptitiously started gathering
remnants of last eve's
dormant mirth and laughter
anaesthetized by the piercing sunrays


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