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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Desicritics Editor's Picks - May 08-14

Piracy - The Real Mantra Behind Indian Success, And What the Wall Street Journal Doesn't Get - May 09, 2006
spincycle says I would like to address the question of why this poorly researched article trumpeting fake achievements and rationale for India's success has made it to the Wall Street Journal. My guess is that this is a deliberate piece, produced after much 'deliberation' with the 'businesses'. It comes as no surprise that one of the authors of the article, Mr. Wilder is a lawyer representing the euphemistically named IP lobbying Association called the " Association for Competitive Technology".

Living in Two India(s) - May 10, 2006
madhukar writes This posting is an attempt to understand these two India(s). One may say that this is a sort of anthropological exploration of two continents/ paradigms/ realities - which co-exist, and yet do not (perhaps) understand the other side.

Spam, Constitution And Forums Aka Random Ramblings Of A spammed Victim - May 11, 2006
Lakshmikanth writes Forums are the next evolutionary step, where a group of individuals come together and form a community which follows its own rules. Is there a rule in that forum such as "Don't like it : Don't join it!". Well if there is then we have a controlled society which protects its citizens from the bots, the spammers and viruses of the external internet. If there is no rule like that then we have an open society which fails to protect its contributors from external attacks. The only choice it leaves to an individual is either leave the forum or fend for himself/herself.

The Plight of the Slum Dwellers: Thus Speaks... - May 11, 2006
Anouradha Bakshi writes A couple of years back, Gita Verma, who wrote Slumming India and who runs an activist forum had come to Project Why to share her views with the community. One of the things she said and which today rings so true, was that no one could legalise what was illegal and that one day the law would catch up. She went on to say that people should ask for legal housing and as a town planner she knew that there was sufficient land in Delhi to accommodate everyone provided the will was there.

Spying for the Raj: The Pundits and Mapping the Himalayas - May 12, 2006
kamla bhatt qrites A primary reason that drove the British to undertake this task was to contain Russia's interest in this part of the world. Tsarist Russia in the mid-19th century was on a quest for a warm water port in this region (in what is today Pakistan area). Jules mentioned that at point the Russsians were literally at the gates of India. This need to contain Russia is what propelled the British administration to undertake this survey. It was against the back-drop of this "Great Game," that a small band of "pundits" went on a secret mission to map the Himalayas.

Fiction: Brokeback Mountain, Desi Version! - May 12, 2006
Mayank 'Austen' wrote Dear Harsh,

You are a very good friend of mine. But I'm not that kind of person. Let's be clear. I like girls. Whatever happened is a thing of the past. Whenever I did those things, I imagined it as if I'm doing it to a girl. Forget it like a bad dream. I will always be your friend.

The MBA GANG : Penultimate Chapter - May 13, 2006
Desi Train writes They will be watching you. At any given time there will be about 9 cameras watching you from different angles. Rehearse your dialogues. Recite them well. Act well. The guys in security will be watching your every movement, listening to your every word. Keeping quiet will make them suspicious. Talking too much will make them suspicious. Fidgeting hands or shuffling feet will get their attention. They will be looking at your eyes. Don't laugh for no reason. Don't forget to laugh if given a reason. These guys are some of the best in the world. They won't miss seeing that a strand of your hair has moved one sixteenth of an inch...


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