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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Desicritics Editor's Picks - May 01-07

In strict chronological order here are articles I liked. Caveat: To avoid conflict-of-interest I have not included any posts by the editors.

Stephen Colbert: Buried by Truthiness - May 01, 2006
Amrita Rajan writes: … even in America, in this bastion of people's power, actions such as Colbert's are all too rare and can end in punishment - even if it is delivered with kid gloves rather than the crudity that one is accustomed to in other parts of the world…. given an opportunity to exhibit truthiness, he took it and how. Thank you, Stephen Colbert and may your tribe increase... or at least outsource.

End Of The Raj (4): "The Legacy" And The Reality Check- May 01, 2006
madhukar writes. Perhaps the only way to reconcile these paradoxes is to believe that the history of a nation is not a fairy-tale (with clear-cut good-evil/right-wrong), but an epic across generations which unfolds in various shades of gray.

A Long Distance Call - May 02, 2006
Sakshi Juneja writes From that day on, life was never the same for a daughter who lost her dad at the age of 20. With whom she had her last meal just a week back. She never got to see her father's funeral, didn't get to touch his face for the very last time before it would turn to ashes.

Chicken Soup: Dreams And Delusions - May 02, 2006
The Hissing Saint writes "Small or large" he cried out to the customer.
The chicken didn't know what those words meant but she knew what they signified.
"Large" the customer shouted back
She closed her eyes...
...and darkness descended.

Living With The Sixth Sense - May 03, 2006
Asha Dhody writes I live from moment to moment and count my blessings for the beautiful moments in life, because what is life, but the sum total of a few moments and before you blink those moments are memories, like rainbows in the horizon, they fade but are etched in our minds forever and forever.

Luminous Till Drowning - May 04, 2006
Vivek Sharma writes I was I was
Why a fool I was
Ignored my receding hairline
in wait a decade I was
Gobbled envy with vodka lime
Devdas sans Chandramukhi I was
Oblivious to your deceit
Mirza without a pause
Floating diya of faith
luminous till drowning I was

Malleshwaram Railway Station: A Station of Mind and Memories - May 05, 2006
Sandeep writes This facilitator discriminates against none: today I see the same experiences but through the antics, behaviour of others. Believe me when I say the place has its own silent method of enforcing a quaint sort of discipline on its visitors. The said antics and behaviour in all my hallowed years is almost consistent: it never gets out of hand, the younger visitors never cross the line of public decency and older visitors who look at this nod their heads with the typical tut tut tilt while guys my age mentally delight in these and want to join, but cannot. So, carry on boys!

Maestro Naushad Ali: Awaaz Dey KahaaN Hay - May 06, 2006
Banjaara writes Naushad's greatest contribution to Indian film music is the introduction of Hindustani Classical music into the mainstream cinema music. Today, after sixty years, people of all ages and taste listen to Noor Jahan singing with pathos Awaaz de kahaN hai, duniya meri jawaN hai in PahaRi and marvel at the ethereal beauty of this song.

Fiction: When Mummy Made Karhi Chawal - May 07, 2006
Mayank 'Austen' writes The rest of the magic was left to the Karhi to execute. The steam hissed out. The sour perfume rose to the ceiling. The flavor continuously jiggled around in a Brownian movement all over the table till everyone managed to regain sanity by finally acclimatizing their senses to its texture. The entire dining room was uplifted by the aroma of the yellow curry. Gradually passions that were allowed to be released so imprudently settled back with a blush. Emotions were calmed. Excitement was tamed. Anxiousness was suspended. But the craving did not subside.


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