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Monday, March 13, 2006

Non Verbal Communication 102

There is a time when NVC is abandoned for a few years. Usually begins in the second trimester and lasts till that child is of school going age. This period is loud, raucous and rather verbal.

If you are a laid back or forgetful person it is time to take refresher NVC 101.

In 202 we will illustrate further nuances and twists not covered in 101.

* smiling eyes, clutched fingers on the lap means she has heard this story/joke 300 times
* smiling eyes with pinkie tapping on knee means avoid showing keen interest in their stories: show respect and boredom so they realize it is time for them to leave
* eyes quickly darting to the clock on the mantle and back to you(away from the guests' scrutiny) - don't insist that they stay a little longer
* eyes arctic cold – you don't get it? I don't get it. (There is a joke in there for married couples.)
* ignoring her full cup means the marital barometric pressure is dropping fast and expect a downpour soon as the guests leave

There is another gesture - palms held together - namaste fashion with utter humility - saying sorry. Five words that save a lot of heart burn.

Let us not quibble over the fine print. It does not matter who is right. Just learn to say sorry first and live to fight another time.

Digression begins: I say sorry frequently...if you are the male in the relationship you will understand how we are so genetically indisposed to gestures that continuously land us in murky waters. Caution: don't over do it. I have learned that M my partner in crime feels I am short circuiting a perfect fight for her by rendering a sorry so quickly. And this Machiavellian act of good faith causes more turbulence. End digression.

(Damn!...Am yawning!...Happens every time I read, write, think or see a many of you are yawning now?...never found an adequate explanation for this.)

Now she is giving me that look, excuse me have to scramble...really I must...arey aap ka kya ja'aye ga...besides this who-r-u look is rather ominous. Even a hai bhagwaan look fails to effectively counter it. NVC 103 will have to wait till the weather improves.


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