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Monday, February 06, 2006

sunday morning inging

what is it when the well versed
end in head-on crashes frequently?

the asphyxiating suffixing
of the ding prefixed with stan
(which in some indo-germanic
languages means an abode)

together it means
being in upright position
on the feet, tall, resisting...
ready to face the winds

this is far from being over
over can be prefixed
to overspending
overstating, overstriding
but seldom to (over)standing
--overstand to lose a sale, yes
but no inging there

before i come to the mis
another s to the prefix
would conjure pleasant images
(without being naughty or sexist)
and i hope this sunday morning
you're still standing beside me
............on standing
before i discard over
and move to under

life's journey is seldom a straight path
or gods would not arm us with understanding
nor would we feel its absence profoundly
when the turns and banks accost us in eyes

the paths and weather turn ambivalent
when mis is (pre) fixed to understanding
leading to sunday morning's dense inging


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