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Monday, February 06, 2006

On Arrogance and Humility

I was discussing humility with Kat. She had posed this query: are great artists arrogant or humble?

I answered from a personal perspective. If the artist (could be any creative person) is cognizant of his/her talents and reach then s/he would be humble. I gave her the examples of Faiz and
Sadequain. There are many more...

I have used the word cognizant very judiciously. There may be very talented individuals who are not truly aware of their talents or potential. Will ignore them for now.

The real talented individuals in any field have two essential requisites. Passion and Yearning: a yearning to learn in their chosen field. A passion that makes them oblivous to the rat race.

The pursuit of yearning makes them aware of how little they know and they realize that on the vast shoreline of existence they are but a speck of dust. This awareness leads to humility.

Arrogance and haughtiness I associate with youth and ignorance. The less one knows the hotter one gets:)

If I see a mature person act arrogant I immediately sense weakness or insecurity. They are trying to cover up some shortcoming. Confidence and assuredness do not lead to arrogance.


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