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Monday, February 13, 2006


Temporal, I went to the link.What a disturbing ,inglorious end!! It pains me to even think of the circumstances that might have led to it.. Dont you feel all this is avoidable? What does it cost any of us to be caring, loving, giving individuals? Kuljeet, even after her death got such a raw deal from the press, I was appalled.She was a pulsating, vivacious young woman. It would have been a pity had I not done my bit in presenting her the way she deserved to be. How can we ignore these occurrences as if they have no bearing on us as a people and a society? In a world where there are organisations as PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals),human lives are to be dismissed as non-events? We are then not worthy of considering ourselves a species even worth reckoning.
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These are the queries that sensitive folks struggle with every day of their life.

These are the dichotomies of life and living.

Here in the West some folks care more for their pets then their children. Here also some lives are more important than others. A gunning down of a cop or a security guard merits more column inches on page 1 or 2 of the local newspapers. While twenty dead in Europe is a page 2 or 3 news item. And a few hundred killed in a train mishap or flood in India merits less coverage. And African dead even less.

The human (and seemingly humane) face of the West is wrinkled and blemished. It is laden with double standards and dichotomies. It is an enigmatic conundrum when it places a value on human life.

There is a price on human life as seen through the Western prism. The Americans are at the top of this totem pole followed by Western Europe and the RoW (rest of the world) is lower then them. No wonder they practice discrimination and duplicity of the highest order when in all but official practice they treat one US or Western life as worth many time more than the lives of others.

The idealists and the poets in RoW live in a dreamland that is not shared by the West.

The US is the new brahman in the world pecking order. The family pet's life is more important that person living in that unpronounced/mispronounced country.

Sorry Kaveetaa...I was going to complete this and post it as an article...tying in this perspective on human life from a country's p-o-v to an individual's perspective and then tie them in with the individual that we have been talking of...the suicidal person and the value s/he attached to his/her life.

But I feel I cannot do this at this stage. Why?

I was looking for some things I have written on this subject. And came across this On Life and Death, particularly the three paragraphs in the conversation with the self

I have expressed it there much better.

Maybe another time I will finish this chain of thought.


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