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Saturday, February 25, 2006

infusion not confusion

my comments on DESI Confusion

when a person moves adjustments are the order of the day...a good rule of thumb will be this: the adjustments made are directly dependent on distance moved

my digressions:

infusion not confusion

we (desis) provide a greater infusion and add much more to the social, cultural and economic fabric of the countries we move in to...(generally speaking and based on my N.A. experience) we are already educated...meaning the local taxpayers have not spent a dime on us...we are hard(er) working and have a better work ethos ...(no flacks please, these are my observations;))...we tend to save more...make big ticket purchases....thus putting back in to the local economy...are generally more supportive of our kids taking up higher education...are more law abiding...the list goes on but suffice it to say you will get the drift...

so the next time some one smells curry off our clothes and makes a face, smile and say salaam/namaste to you too:)


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