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Monday, February 27, 2006

God is In Control of This Vehicle

Who wants to mess with God? Given a warning I tend to avoid a flight where someone proclaims God is my Pilot.

This morning as I turned on to Kipling Avenue the SUV (sports utility vehicle – a euphemism for gas guzzlers) in front of me had this sticker: God is In Control of This Vehicle.

I pulled into a parking lot and took three deep breaths.

Who wants to mess with God? Given a warning I tend to avoid a flight where someone proclaims God is my Pilot. Look at what happened to the twin towers?

You may be religious or irreligious. You may believe in my god or favor your own. I understand She comes in different colors and flavors.

Or you may prefer not to believe in one.

Digression: I always wanted to ask an atheist this question. After a 8+ hour flight when you land at New York or Toronto in blizzard and zero visibility what goes through your mind? (My communication speed with the Maker goes in overdrive.)

Back to this sticker.

What does oxygen, water, food, money and God/s have in common? We breathe, we drink, we eat, we earn and spend and we worship. We take these for granted.

When was the last time someone proclaimed in a sticker:
I Inhale Oxygen
We Drink Water
I Eat Food

You won't find them HERE!

For the believers God exists. He is everywhere, like oxygen. What is it with this proclamation business? Does She need all these affirmations? I was taught His signs abound everywhere.

Again, back to that sticker. I pulled over because I did not want to mess with God.

I want a vehicle operated by a licensed driver. Preferably not under the influence. A driver who can take evasive action, drive sensibly and courteously.

With Gods in control we cannot be sure these days. Look at Chechenya, Iraq, Darfur, Balochistan, Kashmir.

As it is I have enough problems with folks in driver’s seat. (Honestly, I am not talking about you M dear.)

Then there are kind folks like Bush, Gaddhafi, Khomeini who talk with God. Look at the mess they have driven us into.

No! Give me a licensed or even unlicensed driver any day. I know how to deal with them.


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