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Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Occupying Army

The army in Pakistan is the occupying army. It is a tetra-headed monster that favors k(h)akistocracy.

Its many heads appear to work off independently while attached to one body. That is why sometimes it appears to the outsider that the ISI* works independently of the CinC.

But there is one factor that can be counted on. It is a well oiled monster that primarily looks after its interest first: country and people next!

Ruling over 162 million unruly folks spread over 800,000 sq. miles, (LINK) divided by religion, ethnicity, provincialism is not an easy task.

I did say religion!

To an outsider one word description is Muslim. But that is not entirely correct.

The majority Sunnis, the minority Shias and many others like the Zikris and others who all profess a belief in the same Allah and the same Prophet, and invoking them kill each other without remorse.

There are areas of Pakistan where the federal edict does not run even today. They are mainly in the outlying regions of the west and north west including parts of Balochistan, the Northern Areas and the Frontier with Afghanistan.

Over the last 59 years the GoP has failed to extend its laws over these areas in toto and instead has become adept at administering these areas through political agents and tribal leaders.

The view expressed in An Orchestrated Protest Such a level of violence which included gun shots unseen even in bastions of Islamism such as Iran and Syria couldn't have happened without the support of the military-ruled government

and the inference

The rulers of Pakistan wanted to send a message by attacking prominent American symbols like Citibank, KFC and McDonalds (as happened before).

is somewhat off the radar screen.

The occupying army is not that well oiled or resourceful.

It has its enemies all over Pakistan.

In addition to expressing their (misplaced) anger at the Cartoons the populace is also expressing its anger at the K(h)akistocracy**.


*Inter Service Intelligence: headed by an active officer from the Army

Pronunciation: (kak"u-stok'ru-s?), [key]
pl. -cies.
government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.


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