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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

knee jerkers


Interesting musings:

"... yet, sometimes in our zeal and passion for liberation, we become just as closed minded as the people we are fighting against. If we are truly "open-minded" that means we should be able to take people for what and who they are." And

"I then looked around and realized that these group of women talked to one another and understood one another, and were not getting as annoyed as I was by the entire event."

After your musings, the lines I selected in an earlier interact here appear more potent:

We speak similar languages,
but do not communicate.
Is it because we do not talk -
or because we do not understand?

Reflectively, I would say these lines also sum up beautifully the KJs here on the Chowk, too. These Knee Jerkers who oft times monolpolise and wear one down by shouting and proclaiming the superiority of their religion, culture or country.


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