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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

is it ok to beat your wife--hamidm asked

Velayat Faqih hamidm

you'd love this:

lu'cu'bra'tion n.
1: Laborious study or meditation.
2: Writing produced by laborious effort or study, especially pedantic or pretentious writing. Often used in the plural.

Illustration follows your quotes:)

[...forget this business about going to the cemetery..... answer a simple question : is it okay to beat your wife(s)?..... simple yes or no answer please ]

...hmmmmm...after agitative cogitation, consideration, meditation, and not forgetting empirical and non empirical hermenuitic contemplation offer this lucubration on your prestigiatory, sophistical, jesuitical desideratum: it is not duteous to verbally or non-verbally fustigate your wife, except with assimilative acquiscence in the heat of amorous gyneolatry (am cardless member of the pro hickey lobby group based here;)...and it is okay to flagellate another's wife or husband...if there are iron-clad guarantees that one can escape retribution...(and no am not hinting at what happened in that 'state')...should the urge or need arise...hope this is satisfactory riposte...


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