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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Mohtarmi Janaab GlennFerozovichKhanov:

Baad aadaab, arz hay kay aap ka is waqt Pakistan jana bohat naa-munasib hoga. Aap Fateh Fauj aur bahadur Afwaaj kay baray maiN jo likh rahaiN haiN oos say donouN campoN maiN aap kay dushmanouN ki taadaad barh rahi hay. Humaray ISI kay mole nay ek bulletin ki kapy humaiN bhayjee hay. Aap ki khidmat maiN hazir hay.


Ref # PK786/990810/Chowk/Badmash/Feroz

To: All staff and officers at the border check posts.

Please look out for a 5-8, darkskinned, bespectacled, Pakistani male, possible carrying a Canadian or American Passport, short hair with shades of gray, with a permanent smirk, hanging out of left lips. When apprehended, please ensure no bones are broken. If force is used leave no marks on hands or face. Or you may be transferred to Thar. The said indiividual speaks broken Gujrati, Urdu and Punjabi. His English accent is a mix of Grammarian pseudo English half baked with Canadian and Mid western English. Further details are posted on the Entry Control List, rev 08/10. When apprehended seize his luggage. Do not touch any papers or computer disks. Dispatch them with haste to the same room we readied for Najam Sethi.


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