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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

cold hands

for JB, AB and shubbs

'where is the chart?'
the nurse shuffles from her station
handing the chart to the doctor
'sorry, I was writing notations'

the close and distant relatives
hangers-on and passers-by even
stare and wait for
wisdom flowing their way

'the heart beat has stabilized
fluids are passing through
the blood is still there
we will change medication
and see if that helps
the breathing


'shukria doctor saheb,
thank you doctor,
may god bless you'

(doctor talking to himself)

the patient is slipping,
will not feel the dawn
do i tell them now
or let the peace reign

if i speak up now
they will start wailing
if i hold my peace
the night will pass in peace

i don't save
we do not save
we fight and fight some more

like in real life
we live, nor let live
we fight and fight some more

emotions and feelings -- a mask
fights lurk
we live, nor let live
we fight and fight some more

floor, the ward is full of those
lingering between here and nether

ah, well! i will go
have that tea and samosa
may be my splitting headache
will go away

and then some wonder
why my hands are cold


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