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Thursday, September 29, 2005


t: how r u
cc: theek hooN, aap?
t: chirpy
cc: i knew that
t: how?
cc: am psychic u know
t: yes, i forget;)
cc: ah well, i'm more clever than psychic
t: (puzzled look icon)
cc: and more charming than clever
t: and more chalaakoo than...
cc: no, more graceful than charming
t: did i mention the valve?
cc: yes dear you did to that guy;)
t: (she took the hint)
cc: (what does he take me for)
t: you are quite chirpy too
cc: same sun, same shine here too:)
t: aur kya
cc: u were confrontational on saad board
t: i liked most of his observations except that one sentence but he was gracious
cc: women do get shafted everywhere
t: :)
cc: you snickering?
t: you could have chosen another word
cc: (clenching teeth)
t: look, i do not know about this particular place...but most bars in india are just a front
cc: (he thinks i am naive)
cc: u heard from nawab
t: no, been a while
cc: subroto must've dispatched him to the dog house
t: perhaps, he has a cat too
cc: begum?
t: perhaps
cc: gtg
t: cya


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