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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a simple poem

love me or let me go
the crooner sang
as i channel surfed,
ate, walked, read,
intermittently gazed
at this ball point
wrote, paused and
pondered over the feel
of all the pens have possessed
ball points with medium and fine points
blue, black, red, even green
old fashioned ink filled pens
ah the old parker
the zee nibs, the ink pots
stained hands and clothes
the set of unused calligraphy pens
pens with cushy holders
handcrafted tops
folding pens for travel
thin pens, modulated pens
and remenisced
the feel of my favourite pen
a pen warm and flowing
comfortably imprisoning wayward words

laikin kalam qal'm ka marhoon e minnat kahaaN?
a'sl kalaam ki aamud hoti hay
phir woh sadiON seena ba seena
musafat tay karta hu'aye
safha e hasti say safha e qartaas per
kabhi youN muntakil hota hay
kay paRhnay wala baisakhta bOl oothay
'wallah! kya baat paida ki hay
yehi baat tO m'ray dil maiN thee
yehi baat tO maiN kehna chahta thaa...'

flow not from the pen

through the centuries, bosom to bosom
to brain to charged impulses to fingers
to pen, to ink, to paper
the journey enigmatic, long, intricate and involved

the moving pen flawlessly writes
simple, loaded words
i get up
fetch some water
return, read, surf
write and rewrite
as the crooner sings
...or love me forever...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great source for thin pens is: JetPens: thin pens from Japan

October 17, 2005 4:13 PM  

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