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Thursday, September 29, 2005


cc: kaisay ho
t: breathin'
cc: woh tO pata hay…can see ur moving fingers
t: am in rehab
cc: since yesterday
t: since leaving the womb
cc: (kabhi kabhi iski baatain ooper say guzar jaati haiN)
t: am i losing you? we're in it were since we left the protective womb
cc: a'haan (kuch smajah nahiN aa raha hay)
t: look try to see life on earth as a transient stop between the womb and the grave
cc: that is the life between birth and death (maiN kitni hoshiar hooN)
t: yes. this is the journey of rehabilitating our selves
cc: with scriptures?
t: with uses of faculties
cc: aaj kya hay
t: victoria day
cc: oof hoh...i meant aaj kya baat hay jo itna falsafa baghaar rahay ho?
t: aisay hee kal raat yeh 'rehab' wala khayal aaya tha
cc: hmmmm
t: friedman, dimanno, my friend siddiqui
cc: who? what
t: google toronto their op-ed and page 3 pieces...thomas, rosie and haroon
cc: what about
t: islam, qur'an, desecration
cc: what is your take
t: respect for the word of God should translate into deeds by the followers...most muslims do not understand...are shallow, emotional and maneuverable...those who read with understanding do not speak up...often and


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