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Thursday, September 29, 2005

nee poda shavi

nee poda shavi
cc: that age is so long
t: intentional:)
cc: i was waiting for the other shoe to drop
t: he took a long time to produce the card i had to record it faithfully
cc: yeah i read it, poor nurse
t: are you being charming or cynical
cc: am never cynical
t: ah, then why is the screen hotting up?
cc: menu ki pata
t: don`t say that
cc: you want me to say nee poda shavi
t: this sounds even more gruesome
cc: it is! can i ask you something?
t: achcha
cc: when did you get over sylvia?
t: plath?
cc: no the other sylvia
t: i don`t know any other sylvia
cc: and simone
t: simone de beauvir?
cc: nee poda shavi
t: hunh?
cc: joan
t: of arc?
cc: toronto ka kishen kanhaiya
t: kya bakwas hay
cc: and mary?
t: don`t even go there...i`m not that old!
cc: this is fatwa/blasphemy material! so you do confess
t: confess to what?
cc: never mind
t: i just read urstruly recruiting ntsyed
cc: oh they are a tag team
t: who urstruly and ntsyed?
cc: arey nahin urstruly and echoboom
t: that is old news:)
cc: lack of faith makes for strange bed-fellows;)
t: i wouldn`t go that far:)
cc: nee poda shavi
t: some day i will block you


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