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Thursday, September 29, 2005

men's issues

cc: you don't know when to stop
t: hunh?
cc: your poem said it all - should've stopped there
t: oh the compounded waste...nah...had to bring out the other stuff too
cc: did u see maya's pix
t: nice teeth
cc: put up yours
t: i am modest
cc: shandana was a funny
t: she has a way
cc: you mean she has a voice
t: ask h if she has a voice;)
cc: u r still smarting from his remarks
t: no why should i resent his opinion?
cc: he meant well...
t: of urdu we have had similar fact such debates are never ending and almost always inconclusive
cc: what were the debates in urdu about?
t: a'dub barai a'dub vs. a'dub barai fun
cc: fun as in fun?
t: pretty close:) is art or craft
cc: ah passion or craft
t: or a acquire that voice (shrug)
cc: u should get a voice
t: and u should decide if you belong to ed or er
cc: what is ed or er? i do not belong to a club that would have groucho;)
t: :)...prelude ditch to ed or er
cc: (there he goes on his wonky pitches)...ok serious?
t: never!
cc: what are men's issues?
t: ask someone issues would be very similar to yours
cc: i meant an average man's issues
t: (larki insult kar rahi hay)
cc: come on don't be afraid to tax ur brain
t: hmmm 1: girls, 2: girls, 3: girls..4:...exhibit A: one-world, exhibit B: cayenne;)
cc: (interrupting) achcha ab soach ker batao
t: 1: education (leading to career leading to gals)
t: 2: career (following education…leading to gals)
t: 3: money in the bank (flashier car/fancy clothes...leading to gals)
t: 4: finally a catch...the gal...( then children leading to loss of interest in that gal...and following other gals)
cc: think i get the drift (yeh to waq't zayah karnay per tula hu'a hay)
t: ( ab dobarah itnay serious sawal nahin poochay gi)
cc: will give you a raincheck on this..let me know tomorrow
t: sure (sochna hee paRay ga ab - yeh peecha nahiN choRay gi)


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